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Hi, hello, hola! Welcome to my page! I’m Nisha – a wife, lawyer, foodie, the person that writes this blog and BEST of all, Mummy to 2 [biased opinion alert…!] of the happiest and most scrumptious little humans, Tai and Sienna!

Once Tai started weaning, I realised just how much I LOVE developing healthy recipes for kids as well as eating, singing and dancing around the house (although my ability could be questioned!), doing yoga and HIIT exercises, drinking coffee and…did I say EATING?!

Since becoming a Mum, a whole new world of conscious parenting also crossed my path and over the last several years, I have fully immersed myself into conscious parenting and self-development books, neurology and psychology bring out the Champion in my kids! 

While I was pregnant with Sienna, entertaining Tai and working as a lawyer, I felt like I still had more to give. I’ve always loved writing and story-telling and the COVID lockdowns affirmed just how important mental, physical and emotional well-being is, especially for our children. That’s when my third child, ‘My Happy Bubba’ was born!

My ultimate goal as a parent is to ‘Raise Champions’ and I have spent years learning how to do this from the world’s leading doctors and scientists, child psychologists and best-selling authors. This blog condenses all that information to help you live your best life and raise happy, healthy and harmonious children. 

There are 2 things that are really important to me – a healthy MIND and a healthy BODY. 

It’s so easy for us to get caught up in everyday life doing things out of habit (for me it was usually bad habits!) rather than reflecting on what we could improve to enhance our [non-financial] standard of living. Since you’ve got as far as reading this, I know YOU ARE READY to take your life and your family’s life to the next level! 

I will be writing about all sorts from nutrition for kids and adults, child psychology, how to deal with most parents’ pain points using conscious parenting techniques, mental wellbeing for Mums, Dads and kids, fitness, life hacks, pregnancy, my parental adventure and anything else you would like to hear about.

Feel free to browse this site for lots of insightful stories, useful information and my own experiences. 

You’ll also find ‘My Happy Bubba’ over on Instagram! 

If ever you have a query or a question, leave a comment or get in touch via the ‘Contact Me’ page and I will revert to you.


Nisha x

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