The Truth About…Fathers!

A good father is one of the most unsung, unpraised, unnoticed and yet one of the most valuable assets in our society.”

Billy Graham

For some unknown reason, fathers are usually overseen when it comes to parenting. Their role is downplayed and most of the focus lies on the mother and the huge impact she has on her child. 

What society fails to tell you is that the father plays an extremely crucial part in the upbringing of his child and more recognition of this is needed, globally. 

So let’s get into what the father’s role is and why he is so important for his child’s development…

The role of a father:

As Jordan Peterson puts it, the proper role of a father is ‘one of a protector’.

For the first nine months, at least, a baby’s main needs include comfort and protection. At this point in life, the baby is working out whether the world it lives in is safe. The father plays a huge part in assuring the baby that he is there to take care of them.

After the first nine months, the child needs encouragement to handle the big old world. In order to do this, a shift is required in the father’s role from ‘protector’ to one where he creates a safe environment to support his child’s explorations. 

Whilst the mother generally takes care of the baby’s basic and demanding needs, the father is responsible for pushing the child’s limits to stimulate developmental growth. This can be encouraged through things like rough play. 

Rough play (within reason) teaches children the physics of play – i.e. children learn how to interact with others and what their limits of ‘pain’ are (we are not talking about anything excessive – just enough to take the child out of their comfort zone). Consequently, this can boost the child’s confidence and helps to set the foundations of how relationships work as they get older. 

Why are fathers so important?

Boys, in particular, like to imitate their father.

Without a father’s encouragement, it can be really hard for a child (son or daughter) to thrive in the world. 

Life is about responsibility and the more responsibility one has, the more meaning one’s life has.

As Dr Bruce Lipton puts it, the mother and father are the baby’s ‘head start program’, which begins from the time of conception. 

This is important to bear in mind because it means that the parents’ perceptions of the world are transmitted to the unborn baby. 

The genetic makeup of the baby is influenced by the environmental information passed down by the parents. This will determine how the baby will grow and ultimately, how the baby will survive. 

New science has revealed that by the age of six, a child’s subconscious mind has been programmed and this will effectively shape their character and determine how they live the rest of their life! 

To all the dads out there, here’s a reminder of the super important role you play in your child’s life. 

This is why fathers are heroes! 

She did not stand alone, but what stood behind her, the most potent moral force in her life, was the love of her father.

Harper Lee

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